Title Guardian of Light
Level Mega
Type Pyrosaur
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Segnodramon + Digi-Egg of Light

The Legendary Alberdramon often has issues with Giganodramon's brash leadership of the Pyrosaurs, as Giganodramon is often too chaotic for his own good, something which annoys Alberdramon a lot. Alberdramon is guardian to the Crest of Light, and she has a rather odd relationship with Irridramon. She also hates Giganodramon more due to this, as Giganodramon does not like Irridramon's advances on Alberdramon, despite much of her protests to her older brother. Her relationship confusion isn't anywhere near as messed up with Irridramon though.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Alberdramon is the final of the Pyrosaurs faced before facing Giganodramon in Cobalt Version, as part of the main storyline to obtain Giganodramon to progress farther. Alberdramon is not as tough as Euoplodramon is in Bronze Version, but the real issue that makes her hard is the fact she can heal her HP so easily, and that her signature attack can steal the opponent's MP. Alberdramon must be faced again after the main storyline to be obtained.