Alex Estarimon
Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Partner(s): Lunamon, Kudamon

Alex Estarimon is a main character in Digimon Academy. Though he and his digimon can't remember how they met, Alex theorizes that his dad was shot and his digimon came to comfort him. The three came on a boat to Digimon Academy with Dani and Terriermon X. They then became friends their roommates Gus and Liollmon, Commandramon and Solarmon and Tiran and Guardromon, and Dani's roommate Sara. He also has his roommate Ralph and Agumon X, who he at first didn't like. Ralph got into a fight with him on the first night and Alex hated him for the week. However, Ralph saved the three from Tyrannomon and they were "Fine" as Alex said when Skylar asked if they were ok. However when Ralph said that night they were friends Alex said they weren't until they finished the fight that Ryan and Strabimon had broken up. He was with all his friends the night they were blown into the Digital World. Once there he made both his digimon digivolve in the fight with AncientGreymon.

Appearance ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Alex has light tan skin, red eyes, and long spiky hair. He wears a black T-Shirt with a red, unzipped jacket with a tribal dragon design, dark blue pants, and black and gold shoes.

Personality ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

He is very kind and defends those in trouble. He will never back down from anything.He has great patience and can be tactical.

Digimon ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lunamon b


Lunamon- A kind and sweet digimon. She doesn't seem to have much power, but that is proven false when she becomes her champion form in the fight with AncientGreymon.

File:Kudamon (2006 anime) t.png

Kudamon- Thinks highly of his power (which he does deserve to some degree) but he still is kind. For some unknown reason he has a strong desire to protect Lunamon.

Other Forms ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pafumon b


Pafumon- Kudamon's fresh form. He becomes this form during his pysical. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kyaromon b


Kyaromon- Kyaromon is Kudamon's In-Training form. He becomes this form when first entering the island. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reppamon b


Reppamon- Kudamon's champion form. He has become this form a few times. The first time was the fight with Tyrannomon. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

YukimiBotamon t


YukimiBotamon- Lunamon's fresh form. She becomes this form during her pysical. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Moonmon b


Moonmon- Lunamon becomes this form when first entering the island. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lekismon b


Lekismon- Lunamon's champion form. She becomes it to defeat AncientGreymon. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Digivice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Gold D-Tector with black grip.