Alex Sashi
Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Family: Kira Sashi (Twin Sister) Stella Sashi (Cousin)
Partner(s): Agumon
Nationality: part Japanese and part American

Alex Sashi is a student of Digimon Academy. He often hangs with a little group of friends, he and Agumon, his sister Kira and Terriermon, his cousin Stella and Gabumon, and best friend Vitaly and Gaomon, and girlfriend Luna Sasaki and Patamon.

Alex's life in Tokyo is very different, His father went of and joined the army when he was 4 years old and never seen him since. Alex lives along with his mother who works in the Japanese government who is almost always outside, his brother John, his sister Kira and his oldest sister Alexis. Alex was somewhat a positive person. But his life changed when a digimon that escaped the digital world tried to kill him. Fortunatly, an Agumon escaped with the wild digimon and saved Alex from a near death experience, which made Agumon become best friends with Alex. Since then Alex was offered a spot at the Digimon Academy. When he heard that his digimon can become stronger and help defend the digital world and the human world from evil digimon, he was not hesitating, instead he decided to join the first chance he got.

Appearance ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Green eyes, slightly dark blonde hair, pale skin, wears black t-shirt, short sleeved zip up hoodie(red and white), long brown pants, black running shoes, and black goggles that looks like ski goggles.

Personailty ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kind, sensative, very caring, funny, clumsy, not easy to make him scared.

Digimon ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Agumon t


Agumon- Alex's parner, but they often get into stupid fights though. He enjoys making new friends. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Other Forms ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Botamon b


Botamon- Agumon's fresh form. He becomes this form when he get's his pysical. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Koromon b


Koromon- Though not yet shown it has been confirmed that this is his In-Training form. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Digivice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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