Alexandria Blackthorn
Appears in: Digimon Battle Arena
First appearance Chapter 4
Partner(s):BlackMetalGarurumon, Yaamon, Wanyamon
Age 15
Date of birth 10 /31 /1996
Grade 11th
Gender Female
Nationality American Us flag
Aliases Alex Bane


Alex is a character in the fanfiction story Digimon Battle Arena.


Alex is a rather quite girl, though when she does speak her tongue is like a knife. Her words often being rational, sarcastic and crude. This often turns people off from her because she doesn’t hold back what she’s thinking unless its for tactical reasons (even then she can‘t always hold her tongue). She’s probably the most prideful person you will ever meet, and will never admit defeat (the pride transcends into stubbornness). She has problems trusting people, though once someone worms there way into her heart she’s utterly loyal to them. This trust is actually quite hard to break, but once broken its damn near impossible to get back. Contrary to her outer appearance she does care about the people around her but is fearful of showing it , so she’ll often help people from the ‘shadows’. Her temper is always under a very tight leash, and she has thankfully learned how to control it seeing as when her anger boils over its either a furious backlash (which once its over and done with its gone) or a calm , cool rage (that can simmer for years if allowed, and she’s able to keeps her rationality making it all the more dangerous). One of the few things that really bother her is ignorance and stupidity (something she finds every were she looks). She’s about as pessimistic as they get . She considers herself to be socially awkward, though seeing as she often prefers books to people she can’t really bring herself to care. Despite all of this if a persons willing to look past her darker shell they can see her a smart girl with an odd sense of humor and an even weirder outlook on life. She's a bit of a trickster and loves to mess with people. She hates being told what to do and those that order her around with a passion.

Her main partner is BlackMetalGarurumon (Main article: BlackMetalGarurumon) one the only five digimon (so far) in the story that is able to assume Mega form (The others being Dallas's Lepumon, Jason's Solarmon, Liam's Dracomon, and a currently unknown fifth Tamer's partner). Along with the In-training Yaamon and Wanyamon .

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