Alexis Stokes
Alexis Stokes
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Tamers: V2
Fan:Digimon Academy
Age 15
Gender Female
Known relatives Lisa Stokes
Unnamed Father
Nationality American

Alexis Stokes is a main character in Fan:Digimon Tamers: V2.

Alexis is a gothic girl with a thin build. She doesn't usually act very happy, though she does love her boyfriend Allen. She has a very close relationship with Turuiemon.


Alexis Stokes Digivice

Alexis' Digivice

Digimon Tamers: V2

Alexis is a main character in Fan: Digimon Tamers: V2. She first appears when she and Turuiemon save James and Kuramon.

She met Turuiemon years earlier when her mother struck her and she was greatly upset. Turuiemon could feel her pain all the way from the Digital World, and because of it she came through a Turuiemon card Alexis was holding and they became best friends right afterwards.

She started dating Allen after he saved her in a fight.

She at first doesn't trust Keramon and thinks he's evil, but later changes her mind.

She trains James and Keramon, by teaching them about DigiModify cards.

She then joins forces with Hypnos to locate the cult.

Digimon Academy

Alexis appears first in a class with James.

She appears once again in the fight with Belphemon.

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