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Alicornmon fanart
Level Ultimate
Type Holy Beast
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Unimon
Next forms Chironmon

Alicornmon is a Holy Beast Digimon evolved from Unimon when he receives a power boost from Pegasusmon's Digi-Egg of Hope. Its name is derived from the word Alicorn, a word which refers to both the mythical substance unicorn horns are made of,and also what winged unicorns are called.


  • Divine Stampede: Turns into a ball of light that flies into an opponent with destructive force
  • Spiral Galaxy: Fires a swirling helix of silver and gold energy at an opponent with impact of a laser.
  • Platinum Pulse: Fires super-charged comets of light energy from his wings

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