Title Genetic Puberty
Level Ultimate
Type Genetic Rage
Attribute Any
Family Unknown
Prior forms Walkerdramon
Next forms Desdramon

Aliedramon is an attempt to clone Biodramon, but something has gone horribly wrong. During an attack on the lab, the test subject's pen was severely damaged, and Aliedramon was suddenly more violent than it already was. With no other alternatives, yet still wanting to continue the project due to the fact Biodramon has the DNA of every other Digimon that died out in the great cataclysm, so it was put into a test tube fit for it's size, complete with restraints and knocking it out as it's filtered air through a pipe hooked to it's mouth. At night, everybody leaves the facility with Aliedramon fast asleep, but when they return, the Lab is entirely destroyed, with all that remains being Aliedramon's body, parts of it missing with a trail of scales leaving to wherever the heck it went.....