Alina Hunter
Digivice(s):Red and orange Data Link Digivice with black ring and yellow screen
Age 10-11
Grade 5th
Gender Female
Known relatives Unnamed Father
Linda Hunter
Elizabeth Day (Older Cousin)
Nationality Half-Japanese Half-American
Occupation Student


Alina is an honest and fair girl that has some fight in her.

Meeting Her Digimon

Alina was in her room asleep when she was woken-up by her Data Link Digivice glowing very brightly. She saw a digi-egg floating above her digivice. Just as soon as the egg touched her hands it hatched into the digimon Sunmon. The little fire ball of a digimon let out some heat and warmed up the room. Sunmon was so happy to see the face of his partner he almost burned her. Alina was happy to see Sunmon she hugged him. Later that day Alina's friends Lexi and Haley and their friends invited her and Sunmon to go to the Digital World. She accepted to go. When they got to the Digital World Sunmon Digivolved to Coronamon.

First Battle

In the Digital World Alina and Coronamon saw tons of digimon. Just as they were getting use to the peace a digimon named Porcupamon attacked. When Porcupamon used it's Madness Broach Attack it Coronamon jumped in front of Alina and took the hit for her. Alina, scared and shocked, went to see how much Coronamon was hurt. She was amazed to notice how little damage Coronamon took. After a while Alina started glowing with her DNA Charge, and, as if instinctively, she grabbed her digivice and struck it. Then Coronamon Digivolved to Firamon and defeated Porcupamon and a corrupting Virus left the digimon. Alina was so proud that she was able to help her digimon.

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