Allen Ruse
Allen Ruse
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Tamers: V2
Age 16
Gender Male
Known relatives Adam Ruse
Evelyn Ruse
Nationality American

Allen Ruse is a main character in Fan:Digimon Tamers: V2.

Allen is a very air-headed guy. However he is kind and loves his friends and family. He is the boyfriend of Alexis. He is very close to BlackAgumon.


Allen Ruse Digivice

Allen's Digivice

Digimon Tamers: V2

Allen is a main character in Fan: Digimon Tamers: V2. He first appears in a conversation with Alexis.

He met BlackAgumon around the same time as when Alexis met Turuiemon. He was playing a digimon video game with BlackAgumon as his character. BlackAgumon then game out of the game and the two loved each other right away. Allen then rushed to his parents and showed them BlackAgumon.

He started dating Alexis after saving her during a fight.

He later joins forces with Hypnos to locate the cult.

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