Title Destroyer Sage
Level Ultra
Type God Man
Attribute Data
Family Dragon's Roar

Nature Spirits Virus Busters

Prior forms Fan:Destrogreymon + Fan:Alphaleomon
Next forms Fan:Jovahmon (with Fan:Systemon)

phadestromon has a dual nature as a God of destruction and a great and wise sage. Wheit enters into a rage it lays waste to anything before it without mercy. Outside of it's rages it is said to be wise and know many(and some say all) things. Due to this dual nature it is known as Destroyer Sage. It is said to be able to see into the future. This combined with it immense power makes it a match fo any digimon.

Attacks: Sage Vision: meditates and reveals the weaknesses of the enemy and future attacks they will make. Raging Cannon: fires an enormous beam of concentrated energy out of its mouth Destroyer Sage Burst: focuses on enemy weaknesses and positions in the future and fires precise beams of concentrates energy from it's eyes and fingertips.

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