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Title King of Beasts
Level Ultra
Type Animal
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits

Virus Busters

Prior forms Regulumon + SaberLeomon
Next forms Fan:Alphadestromon(with Fan:Destrogreymon)

Alphaleomon is the pinnacle of the leomon species. His physical strength is enough to easily move entire continents. Alphaleomon follows a strict sense of personal justice and whenever it finds anyone who goes against this justice its inner beast is unleashed and it goes into a rage great enough to destroy anything in its path. It weilds the Lion Blade, containing the power of all other leomon species digimon.


Ultimate Juouha: Releases a blast of energy from its whole body

Lion Cutter: Slashes with its LionBlade

Infinity Needles: Spews its many needle like mane hairs at its enemy

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