Alta Madrien

aka. King Flash

Alta Madrien

King Flash

Appears in:Digimon Phantom Night
First appearance ""
Last appearance ""
Voice actor(s):(Ja:)Kishō Taniyama
(En:) Todd Haberkorn
Partner(s):Fan:Nejimon (Phantom Nights)
Digivice(s):Dark Green Phantom Screen
Age 15
Grade 7th
Gender Male
Known relatives Mother
Nationality half Japanese/ half French
Occupation Member of the Digital Phantom Thieves

Alta Madrien is another main character of the fan series,Digimon Phantom Night. He is another human member of the Digital Phantom Thieves and goes under the guise of King Flash.


He is characterized as outgoing, tough and proud but secretly is a bit clumsy and shy. He thinks of himself as a ladies man, much to every girl's annoyance. Usually when something dangerous occurs, he is the first to freak out. But when his friends are in danger, he will step in no matter what. His wish is to have the hearts of all of the girls around the world.


Adrien was a normal boy who lived a hard life. It all began when he began to get bullied by a group of older kids. From that point on, he started building himself up to become stronger and eventually achieved his goal. However, after defeating those who bullied him, he gained a reputation as a bad boy and decided to live like this title while he was in public. But after the invasion of the human world, he was separated from his parents and as a result, separated himself from the rest of the world and began to live life alone. It wasn't until he became partners with Nejimon and the Digital Phantom Thieves that he eventually made true friends.


He is the most athletic member on the team and is an impressive combatant. His weapon is a special bow gun that allows him to shoot special arrows in different situations.

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