An Oyster Stew is the sixtieth & last episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Debra's birthday is coming up, & Spencer wants to take her out. He arranges a nice double date with Alex & Mag & her at a fancy French restaurant. He seeks a pair of pearls earrings to give to Debra, but is unable to afford any. Spencer finds a strange hustler at the park, who gives him a pair real cheap. It turns out, the hustler was a Claymon in disguise, & the pearls are the evil Pearls Of Stillness!

Debra happily puts them on, & freezes everyone in the restaurant. Spencer & Alex are the only ones unfrozen, & must fight Lilithmon's Digimon Shellmon to undo the pearl's effects. The duo do so, but Debra's angered about the disintegrating earrings. The DigiDestined, with DinoOmnimon & Coredramon, take on Shellmon under water! Later, Spencer sings Debra a ballad, with Brick & Stick providing the music. The episode ends with Spencer & Debra finally kissing.

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