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Level Fresh
Next forms AncientKoromon
Partners Matthew

AncientBotamon is the Fresh stage of PrimitiveAgumon. His appearance is like that of a normal Botamon, however, AncientBotamon has a mark on his forehead. This mark is a combination of the Crests of Determination and Loyalty.

First Appearance

AncientBotamon first appeared in the first episode of Fan:Digimon Adventure: A Tale of Two Heroes. After Matthew created PrimitiveAgumon on his computer, a digi-egg came out, followed by two D-3 digivices. Shortly afterwards, this digi-egg hatched into AncientBotamon. PrimitiveAgumon returns to this form after DNA digivolving.


Bubble Blow- blows bubbles at the opponent, having little effect

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