Level In-Training
Prior forms AncientBotamon
Next forms PrimitiveAgumon
Partners Matthew

AncientKoromon is the In-Training stage of PrimitiveAgumon. His appearance is like that of a normal Koromon, however, AncientKoromon is a darker shade of pink and has a mark on his forehead. This mark is a combination of the Crests of Determination and Loyalty.

First Appearance

AncientBotamon first digivolved to AncientKoromon in the first episode of Fan:Digimon Adventure: A Tale of Two Heroes. Matthew and Brittani took AncientBotamon to the Digital World in order to look for Brittani's digimon. AncientBotamon soon became hungry, so Matthew and Brittani found an apple tree and tossed apples down to the digimon. He quickly gained enough energy for digivolution and became AncientKoromon. He remained in this form until he had to protect Matthew and Brittani. PrimitiveAgumon returns to this form after battling as an Ultimate and whenever he returns to the Real World.


Bubble Blow- blows bubbles at the opponent, having a greater effect than AncientBotamon