In the Xros Wars universe, 6 years after Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leapt Through Time took place and before the events in Digimon: Crimson Blaze (a yet to be written fan fiction), a powerful Kami of the digital world by the name of Ygg, a female being that was descended from Yggdrasil, discovered the powers of the 9 Crest and the 2 Golden Digimentals (the Golden Armor Digi-Eggs in English) while observing the Digimon Adventure universe. Knowing that a great unknown evil was threatening her world, she duplicated the powers of the Crests, and Golden Digimentals, and created a Crest of her own. She then transformed them into a purely energized form. She named them the Ancient Powers, and then bestowed 11 of them amongst chosen "Guardians," and hid the one she created, the Ancient Power of Justice, in the human world of her universe. The Ancient Power are as follows:

  • Ancient Power of Courage: Bestowed to a Greymon O, transforming it into Greymon C.
  • Ancient Power of Friendship: Bestowed to a Garurumon , transforming it into Garurumon F.
  • Ancient Power of Love: Bestowed to a Garudamon, transforming it into Garudamon L.
  • Ancient Power of Knowledge: Bestowed to a Kabuterimon, transforming it into Kabuterimon K.
  • Ancient Power of Purity: Bestowed to Lilimon from Team Xros Heart, transforming her into Lilimon P.
  • Ancient Power of Sincerity: Bestowed to a Zudomon, transforming it into Zudomon S.
  • Ancient Power of Hope: Bestowed to a Angemon, transforming it into Angemon H.
  • Ancient Power of Light: Bestowed to a Tailmon, transforming it into Tailmon L.
  • Ancient Power of Kindness: Bestowed to Stingmon from the Forest Zone in Xros Wars, transforming him into Stingmon K.
  • Ancient Power of Miracles: Bestowed to a V-mon, transforming it into V-mon M.
  • Ancient Power of Fate: Bestowed to a Terriermon, transforming it into Terriermon F.
  • Ancient Power of Justice: Hidden in the Human World.

Tobias Ryder, the General of the Crimson Blaze Army, has the power to transform the Ancient Powers into various weapons and tools that can be used either by himself or Digimon. He also uses them to evolve Digimon under his command.

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