Andrew Baldwin
Appears in:Fan:Digimon War of all Worlds
Digivice(s):Green/purple ''Digimon Adventure'' Digivice
Age 14
Gender Male
Known relatives Lewis Halls (Best Friend)
Occupation Digidestined


Andrew is a 14 year old boy with brown eyes and front spiky ash-blonde hair. He wears a green shirt with a yellow marking on the left shoulder.


Andrew has a very outgoing personality and always does things without thinking. In addition to him being energetic and reckless he doesn't always take insults very well and when he tries to deal with problems rationally he always ends up more angry. Despite all this he is very fun loving and loves making jokes.


Andrew is an only child and is extremely imaginative and loves to be creative, so he likes drawing. One day he draws Ankamon on a notepad and after having a recent dream of which he obtained a Digivice (purple and green) which he somehow obtained in reality, due to him being chosen by the new Agents it scans the drawings to create his new partner. Fan:Ankamon. Despite Ankamon being his partner a gomamon accompanies Andrew and the digidestined on their adventure and eventually becomes an Aegisdramon with the help of the combined power of all the digidestined.

This digidestined currently contains 5 members:

Andrew Baldwin,

Fan:Lewis Halls,




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