Andrew Hikari
(Hikari Andrew)
Appears in:Fan:Digimon X
First appearance Time to shine (10)
Age 12
Date of birth December 7th
Grade 6th
Gender Male
Known relatives Grandpa, Grandma, Eric (father), Twin Uncle and Aunt
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student, Partner

Andrew is the son of Fan:Eric Hikari in Digimon X. He first appeared when Dark Apollomon sent everyone to the future to manipulate them to believe that if they beat him they will change the future. The Andrew in the fake future was not the Andrew that later appeared because F:Andrew (F=Fake) bullied a little kid for hitting him with a ball even though the ball did not hurt him and adult Eric helped him but before it could go any further R:Andrew (R=Real) came and ripped Dark Apollomon's fabric of time to save his father with his DemiVeemon. He is shown to be good friends with Joey and Sam and like them he recieved his X-vice and partner on Sam's birthday and picnic. He was surprised that his father did not seem to now that he is his son as he had a confused look on his face as he was leaving.

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