Andrew Usher

Andrew Usher
Partners Garumon, Goramon

Andrew Usher was the only character to have had a digimon partner during the Digimon Frontier series. Andrew, although in the same Digital World, never really linked up with their group because he felt that he never belonged. He feels that he is an outsider because of his constant defeat and Digimon partners, as well as the difference in ethnicity, which sets him apart from everyone else. When asked if he would like to join the Digidestined he turned them down because of this, but also because he felt he needed to protect the Garumon/Goramon. Andrew tries to be rational in everything he does, but gets angry quickly. It is nearer the end of the series that he learns to channel rage. He is probably the most powerful, bar Koichi, of the digidestined in their spirit forms, but would rather bio-merge with Garumon or Goramon to become even more powerful.[1]

Bio-Merge Forms

Andrew Usher can Bio-Merge Digivolve with either of his two digimon partners; Garumon and Goramon; becoming either BioGarumon or BioGoramon.

*(w/ Garumon)

*(w/ Goramon)

Notes and References

  1. None of this is actual fact. Please do not take it to be a truth.