Andromon is the ninth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Mako pushes Morgan through a car back to Earth. Andromon gives Mako back his Digi-Deck for a fair fight. Morgan watches Andromon & Beelzemon fight through the car's reflection. Tom & Lauren can't find Morgan, & Tom is worried that something has happened to her. Justimon observes the fight. Andromon wants to win the Battle Club Tournament. Beelzemon explains that this isn't a tournament, it's a war. Andromon wants to win to get his life back. Andromon uses "Strike Vent" (with 2,000 Attack Points), summons a gauntlet. Beelzemon tries to explain to Andromon that he's been lied to, the man who gave him the Digi-Deck tricked him into fighting Beelzemon, but Andromon doesn't believe him. Beelzemon explains that whatever he promised him, it isn't real. But Andromon wants to believe that it's real. Tom calls Morgan, but Morgan doesn't answer her cellphone. Morgan calls Kurt at his home. The Answering Machine picks up, Kurt & Daniel hear Morgan say that Mako is in trouble, & that Mako is the good guy & Daniel is the one working for Murmuxmon. Daniel & Kurt ride to the scene.

Garrett prepares to make his move, but Daniel & Kurt show up again. Kurt tries to explain to Garrett that he's been lied to, but Garrett & Daniel transform & fight. Andromon sees MegaGargomon & Gakkmon fighting & wonders how many of them he's going have to beat to win the tournament. Trying to convince Gakkmon that he's been lied to, Kurt explains to them that Murmuxmon has been tricking the other Holders, offering each one something they want, & everyone who's after Beelzemon is working for Murmuxmon. Kurt then finally realizes that Daniel really is the one working for Murmuxmon. MegaGargomon congratulates Kurt & thanks him for playing, then points his weapon at them. With MegaGargomon pulling out his guns, Gakkmon decides that he's done for now & walks off. But MegaGargomon fires his Launcher & strikes him in the back. Gakkmon is down, Kurt transforms to Gallantmon to try helping him. MegaGargomon then uses Final Vent, & Gakkmon is Vented. Andromon wonders what just happened. Beelzemon explains that he lost. Andromon explains that nobody said anything about being disintegrated, & decides to leave. MegaGargomon attacks Gallantmon. Beelzemon uses Final Vent to stop MegaGargomon, but it doesn't hit head on, MegaGargomon escapes back to Earth. Murmuxmon shows up next to Justimon & watches as Gallantmon helps Beelzemon back to Earth. Kurt apologizes to Mako for not trusting him. Morgan asks to help take Mako to his home, but Mako explains that he has no home on Earth. So Kurt & Morgan help Mako to her car to head for Kurt's place.

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