Angel Zone the Sparrow Knight arrives is the 15th episode of Super Digimon Xros Wars.


Blue Xros Heart (after being forced out of the Pyramid Zone) arrive in a small grass land zone. Ian is amazed by this beauty, then a yellow Digimon flies by, Ian remembers it and says it's Sparrowmon! Ian the finds him and thanks him for all his help so far, but Sparrowmon tells him he doesn't know what Ian is talking about, Ian says he has helped them in the Aqua Zone, the Heat Zone, the Castle Zone and the Pyramid Zone.

Dorulumon then tells him that it's the original Sparrowmon from the orginial Xros Heart who has been helping them. Then Dorulumon tells them about the past of this Zone and how the Digimon here love the fine arts, Sparrowmon then says he likes to fight he then just flies of.

Ian then takes out a sketchbook and says he loves to draw, he then shows the group pictures of Flamemon. (Flamemon, Flamemon Knight, Flamemon + Hope Sword etc.) Ian then begins drawing a new Digimon and it's Digi-Xrosed form with Flamemon. Then a Digimon comes and tells the army to state why they are there, Ian just says they were forced out of the Pyramid Zone and they just came there, then a Digimon comes and defends them.

After a while the Digimon introduces herself as "Lucemon" Where as Maria, CeCe, and most of the army trust her, but Ian, Patamon, Flamemon, Sparrowmon (Sparrowmon is just passing by) and Dorulumon don't. Then at night a DuskAngemon comes and takes the whole army to the jail and then during the day to the execution bloke. Lucemon tries to stop them and then a small Lunamon takes the blame for what they did. Then Ian says they never did a thing and re-loads the Digi-Eggs and then Digi-Xros Flamemon back to Flamemon Knight. Then DuskAngemon gets ready to through Flamemon Knight off of the Zone, but then Sparrowmon saves him and tells Ian to Digi-Xros him with Flamemon Knight, which Ian does and Flamemon Sparrow Knight gets into the fight and wins. Then Lucemon is elected president of the Zone.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Xros
  • Gigmon (On Ian's sketch pad only)


Gatomon + Digi-Egg of Light = Nefertimon

Patamon + Digi-Egg of Hope = Pegasusmon

Flamemon + Pegasusmon + Nefertimon = Flamemon Knight

Flamemon Knight + Sparrowmon = Flamemon Sparrow Knight


  • We see Flamemon's Fresh and In-Traning forms on Ian's sketch pad (FlamePoyomon and Gigmon respectively)