Angie Sparkson
(Sparkson Angie)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Houko Kuwashima
(En:) Mae Whitman
Partner(s):Lunamon iX
Digivice(s):Pink and White X Cyber
Age 14
Grade 12th
Gender Female
Known relatives Flint Sparkson (Father)
Belle Sparkson (Mother-Deceased)
Ryan Sparkson (Older-Twin Brother)
Augustus Sparkson (Uncle)
Occupation Student


Angie has lavender-pinkish hair. She also has a yellow headband. Angie wears a elbow-length black shirt with a pink and white sport shirt with the number "4" over it, white skirt, brown bandages/bracelets around her wrists, white high socks with two red stripes on them, and white cowboy boots. Angie is very slim and has pink eyes with one eyelash. Shane finds all of these features "attractive", leading to his crush on her.


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