About Anime Admirers

Anime Admirers is not really a website all about digimon, since it includes some other topics like "Bakugan", but however Digimon is very popular on this website. It is a fanfiction website to post fanfics, and discussions are not always but sometimes about digimon. The website administrator is named Julie, and there are also people who have signed up and write comments in the section for comments. It is not just about fanfiction, because it has episode guides and character bios, and they even show the digimon's digivolution.


The Fan Fiction on this website is written by different members on the site. However, they can write more than one. For example, a member named "Mr. Empoleon" was writing a fanfic about digimon tamers, but now he wants to write a different one. Some of the fanfics include taito, or dikari, making this website a little rude thanks to those members, but people seem to be entertained by it. The administrator has written one fanfic, about Joe. to read all of the fanfiction go to That's pretty much all to say about anime admirers.

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