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Anita Kachiki-Rockload
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Houko Kuwashima
(En:) Elissa Knight
Known relatives Jon Rockload (Husband)
Tina Rockload (Older stepdaughter)
Max Rockload (Older stepson)
Den Rockload (Stepson)
Brent Rockload (Father-in-law)
Bianca Rockload (Sister-in-law)
Nationality Thai
Occupation Teacher
Aliases Annie

Anita Kachiki-Rockload is Den Rockload's teacher and now a stepmother. She is kind, gentle, and motherly.


Anita has the short brown hair and pale skin. She usually wears a glasses, a pink shirt, a yellow skirt, white socks and white and grey sneakers, but on two occasions she wears black sandals.



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