Level Rookie
Type Sea Animal
Attribute Vaccine
Family Deep Savers
Prior forms Fan:Trikamon
Next forms Fan:zesamon

APPEARANCE It is a green furry salamander/seal with, purple markings on body and under its eye, orange spiky fur descending down its back, large claws, and a long tail.

DESCRIPTION He is Fan:Andrew's partner and his goal is to protect Andrew throughout the digital world and against the Seven Great Demon Lords. He has a fun loving personality, banter and sarcasm.


  • Ice Scale Spews below zero scales at the opponent which freezes then damages the opponent them depending of their strength.

Other Forms

The name Ankamon refers only to the Rookie form of this Digimon. Ankamon gains the ability to Digivolve into a number of different forms, each with a different name and special attack. However, although his preferred form is champion this is the one he spends most of his time in, due to the amount of energy required to stay in a higher form. It is also rumoured that Ankamons mega form will have a DNA digivolution with Aegisdramon.



Fan:Zesamon is a Sea Animal Digimon and Champion form of Ankamon. Zesamon can also travel across the water. Zesamon's arms can morph into a variety of deadly weapon made from Chrome Digizoid



Fan:Zokumon is a sea Animal digimon and ultimate form of Ankamon. Its most powerful weapons are two zoku cannons equipped to its back. It has a powerful tail enabling it to usefully torpedo through water at a tremendous speed. It can now also fly due to the two gliders attached to its zoku cannons.


  • Zoku blast Fires its cannons simultaneously with two types of energy which obliterate the enemy