Level Mega
Type High Demon
Attribute Virus
Prior forms BlackGatomon (Warp Digivolve)
Next forms Magnadramon X
Partners Terry Kudo (Adventure 2010)
Kai Kudo (Adventure 2030)


AntiMagnadramon Digivolved from BlackGatomon when battling Thurkmon and defeated him, causing Luke to be upset and create the Spirit of Power to Spirit Digivolve to Reigimon and defeat AntiMagnadramon.

In Digimon Adventure 2010 she is partnered with Kai's Father and is second in command of the Digital Moderators. In the sequel series; Digimon Adventure 2030, Kai is not only partnered with BlackGabumon, but, with his father's AntiMagnadramon, whom is still second in command of the Digital Moderators, with Kai replacing his father as Second in Command of the Real World Moderators.


  • Hatred Tornado (Jap:Dark Flame); A spiraling dark energy is shot from the mouth.
  • Dragon Fire (Jap:Apocalypse); Calls down energy bolts from Nightmares to strike her opponents.


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