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(ハヌモン Hanumon)
Apemon t
Partners Cody Chiseng

Apemon is a fictional character & Digimon from the fanfictional series Digimon Mighty Squadron.


  • Mega Bone Stick
  • Metallic Fur


Apemon is given to Cody by Shurimon, who was its keeper for a long time. It is simiar to Gallantmon, the Warrior Mode of DoruGreymon. It is the only Ninja Digimon to stand on two legs & battle. It forms the right arm of NinjaOmnimon.

Other Forms


Yowiemon is the Shogun Form of Apemon. It forms the head & torso of ShogunOmnimon & "ShogunOmnimon + Aquilamon". It is armed with a shield.

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