Apocalydramon, the dragon form of Apocalymon with steel snakes instead of chains. The dragon is all black with red eyes and neck spikes (black.) The body is the same as the regular Apocalymon only with the wings of ShineGreymon Ruin mode. Special attack:Ultimate destruction. Other attacks:Dark snake acid, Darkness storm, Demon breath, life drainer. If one snake bites a living thing, Apocalydramon drains its life force. Apocalydramon has an ability called "dark copier" when he can use the attack of any Digimon he killed and drained but the copied attack would be 1000 times stronger. Only the chosen ones can defeat it. This Digimon is made of negative data and can become good with the positive soul of a kind, dedicated human. If a human brings out the good in Apocalydramon, he will become his rookie form, Nega Snakemon.

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