Apocalymon t

Apocalymon is a mysterious Digimon that temporarily aids Lilithmon in her battles against the DigiDestined.


Appearing as a floating, demon-like, ethereal, purple-&-gold polyhedron, the powerful Apocalymon digivolves Ghoulmon to his more powerful form, Lucemon Shadowlord Mode, & assists in sending the DigiDestined to the Island of Illusions. After destroying Lucemon Shadowlord Mode, the DigiDestined attack Apocalymon with "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachiomon", but he manages to escape. Apocalymon teleports away just after the blast hits & Taylor says "We'll get him next time." Apocalymon is later summoned again when MadLeomon goes into battle with his extremely powerful War Digimon, Craniamon. Apocalymon, heavily scarred from "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachiomon"'s attack, recreates the War Digimon when it falls to the DigiDestined's attack & then aids Craniamon in its next two battles against the DigiDestined, but disappears forever when Craniamon is destroyed by "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachiomon". Though he is not seen destroyed, Apocalymon does not make another appearance in the series after he & Craniamon are on the receiving end of a blast from "CoreOmnimon + UltimateBrachiomon".