The Aqua Cavern is a small underwater city, ruled by Mermaimon and her father, Neptunmon.


  • Lucien Leroy: The "Life" of the Aqua Cavern. He is the Digimon partner of Betamon. He wields the Crest of Livelihood. He and Emory Yoshida are rivals because Lucien wants to have the best water Digimon, and so does Emory. Eventually, Lucien and Betamon join the Crystal Heart Army
  • Neptunmon: The Founder of the Aqua Cavern. He's rather wise and often disproves of his daughter's party antics. He often doesn't speak, unless he's scolding Mermaimon.
  • Mermaimon: The Leader of the Aqua Cavern Army. She is a carefree, daring, party-loving Digimon. She talks rather quickly and is hyper most of the time, she often gets scolded by her father, Neptunmon. It is hinted that Mermaimon might have a crush on Lucien Leroy , and blushes around him.
  • Whamon: The Second-in-command of the Aqua Cavern Army. He is a strong Digimon with a kind heart. He is the one who found Lucien Leroy and partnered him to Betamon.
  • Manbomon: The "Guards" of the Aqua Cavern Army. There are several Manbomon who roam about the Aqua Cavern. They are known for their Balloon-Bomb attack.
  • Syakomon: Syakomon are peaceful Digimon which roam around the Aqua Cavern. One Syakomon was seen Digivolving to Gesomon. It is unknown if all these Syakomon become Gesomon, or if it's just that one.
  • Shellmon: A shell-fish Digimon with a fierce temper. Shellmon gets angered very easily, and is the first Digimon Emory Yoshida and Gomamon meet, who begins attacking them... then gets calmed down by Mermaimon.
  • Dolphmon: A cute, yet powerful Digimon. They are often seen partying with Mermaimon.
  • Divermon: A Digimon who plans all battle strategies for the Aqua Cavern.

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