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Aqua Warriors
General information
Founder: Ranamon
Leader: Ranamon
Appearances: Digimon Mighty Squadron 03
Digimon Zeo

The Aqua Warriors are fictional characters & secondary heroes from the Digimon Mighty Squadron series. They are a team of aquatic-type Digimon from the dimension Aqua World, & they have the ability to Bio-DigiXros with the DigiDestined's Ninja Digimon.


The Aqua Warriors consist of Ranamon, the leader; Splashmon, the field commander; Neptunmon, the technical expert; Divermon, the expert fighter, & Depthmon the strongman. As they live underwater on their native planet, they are shown to constantly need to rehydrate themselves while on Earth or risk death.

The Aqua Warriors were given their DigiMemories & their abilities to Bio-DigiXros by Shurimon, the guardian of the Temple of Power. They are summoned to Earth by Seraphimon after the DigiDestined are rendered powerless & transformed into children by Master Vile. They depart the planet again shortly before the destruction of the Command Center & the beginning of Digimon Zeo.



Ranamon t

Ranamon is the leader of the Aqua Warriors, though Splashmon is sometimes considered an informal leader.


Splashmon t

While officially Ranamon is the leader of the team, Splashmon is often considered an informal leader.

In Zeo, he transmits the message from Aqua World to Earth, claiming that he & the other two Aqua Warriors are standing by to offer their services at the first sign of trouble.


(ネプトゥーンモン Neptunemon)
Neptunemon t

Like Nicky Hanawa, Neptunmon is a technological genius. When Nicky successfully manages to restore his own age by means of the DigiMemories before they are destroyed, he & Neptunmon frequently work together to find a similar cure for the other DigiDestined - as well as finding a means to keep the Aqua Warriors hydrated with pure water.

Neptunmon has a guest appearance in Digimon Zeo, in which he comes to Earth again, seeking Nicky's help to fight off a menace in Aqua World called the WaterPollutemon.


(ハンギョモン Hangyomon)
Divermon t

Divermon is a good-humored person who takes his duties as an Aqua Warrior extremely seriously. Divermon is physically the strongest of the Aqua Warriors.


Depthmon t

Depthmon is the quietest member of the team, but he fights with extreme ferocity against his enemies.

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