Aquarimon land
Level Mega
Type God Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Deep Savers
Virus Busters
Voice actors (En:) Melissa Fahn

Aquarimon is a God Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from the constellation of Aquarius. She has both a land and a sea form, enabling her to battle nearly anywhere. On land, her skill with her bow, Sadalsuud, are unrivaled, and under the sea, she attacks with such ferocity that even a Seadramon would be frightened away. It is said that her skills in combat rival that of the Olympos XII.


  • Goddess Bow: Fires an arrow from her bow.
  • Goddess Urn: Unleashes a forceful blast of water from her urn.
  • Aquarius Beast: Water erupts from her urn like a geyser, and takes the form of a wolf-like beast which Aquarimon sends to attack her enemy.
  • Aquarius Knight: Water erupts from her urn like a geyser, and takes the form of a heavily-armored knight which Aquarimon sends to attack her enemy.
  • Aquarius Wyvern: Aquarimon stands on top of her urn as water erupts from it. The water swirls around her and takes the form of a huge, winged dragon, and Aquarimon flies and crashes into the enemy.
  • Deluge of the Heavens: Her urn overflows with water, submerging any surrounding area underwater. At this point, Aquarimon takes her underwater form.
  • Goddess Blades: The fins on Aquarimon's forearms extend, and she is able to attack with them like swords.
  • Water Nebula: Two waves of water rush up and blast the opponent into the air with tremendous force. If Aquarimon is underwater, this attack cannot be seen.
  • Goddess Blades: Seven Slice Dance: Aquarimon rapidly slashes her enemy seven times, five of which are individual strikes and the final two of which are a dual strike.

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