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Aquilamon is a fictional character of the fanfictional series Digimon Mighty Squadron.


  • Grand Horn (Glide Horn): Charges the opponent from the sky.
  • Blast Rings (Blast Laser): Releases a roar similar to thunder as it fires off ring-shaped beams.
  • Wave Laser
  • Wind Breath


Alex obtains Aquilamon along with the other DigiDestined from Shurimon at the Temple of Power. Aquilamon can shoot powerful beams from its mouth & it can also shoot missiles from its wingtip cannons. In the movie, Aquilamon can fire rockets from the front of its wings as well as its wingtips. Alex will use Aquilamon on many occasions in the early part of the show's third season.

When Aquilamon is captured by Mia & given to Tactimon, it makes the remaining Ninja Digimon inoperable. With Aquilamon retrieved, the Ninja Digimon are back in action, but are soon lost again when time on Earth is reversed & the DigiDestined's powers are lost. However, Aquilamon is modified in such a way that it can operate as a separate entity from Alex's Aquilamon DigiMemory. As such, the Aqua Warriors are able to summon Aquilamon to DigiXros with ShogunOmnimon, after the Aquilamon DigiMemory is destroyed.

Since the introduction of the Zeo Crystal as the new source of the DigiDestined's Power, Aquilamon now lies dormant on Earth. Nicky mentions that he reincarnated some of the old Digimon to make the Zeo Digimon, though whether this includes Aquilamon is unknown.


Other Forms

"NinjaOmnimon + Aquilamon"

Aquilamon can attach to the back of NinjaOmnimon, giving it flight capability; this combination is unoficially referred to as "NinjaOmnimon + Aquilamon". It can fly into the air & finish off Digimon by using the Garurumon & Apemon's fists to fly & hit the Digimon.


Valkyrimon b
Valkyrimon is the Shogun Form of Aquilamon. It forms the left arm of ShogunOmnimon & "ShogunOmnimon + Aquilamon".


  • Feral Sword (Fenrir Sword): Slashes with its sword to freeze an opponent.
  • Aurvandil's Arrow (アウルヴァンディルの矢, Aurvandil no Ya?): Attacks using a bow and arrow that never misses.
  • Laser Javelin: Summons a javelin and launches an explosion from its tips.
  • Punishing Storm (Sanction Storm): Raises a tornado to chastise its foes.

"ShogunOmnimon + Aquilamon"

Aquilamon is able to slot in between the arms & the torso of ShogunOmnimon, creating "ShogunOmnimon + Aquilamon". This transformation will involve the arms of ShogunOmnimon detaching, Aquilamon wrapping its wings around the Digimon, then the arms connecting back onto the wings. "ShogunOmnimon + Aquilamon" attacks by charging & firing Aquilamon's cannons at enemies, which is a stronger attack than its sword.