The first continent created by the Goddess Arcadia, who created both Humans and Digimon. It is a major setting for the The Lost Chronicles series created by Wisemon.

Number Key

1: Marigold Spire - Reaches up higher than the clouds.

2: Iris Village - Southernmost settlement on the entire continent.

3: Paeonia Town - In Elphierr Territory. Border town practically touching the desert.

4: Lady's Mantle - Simply a regular city with Humans and Digimon.

5: Adonis Village - Where a certain, important character comes from...

6: Caladium Village - A small desert settlement.

7: Linnea Village - Desert settlement. Larger than Caladium, and second largest desert settlement.

8: Cyclamen City - Capital city of Cyprus. Where a certain, important character comes from...

9: Primrose Village - Another border town close to the desert. A small village of Valencia territory.

10: Yew - Capital city of Valencia Territory.

11: Mandrake Town - Peaceful town with Humans and Digimon.

12: The Fortress - Where the mercenaries reside.

13: The Villa - A beautiful villa.

14: Lake Viscaria - Biggest and deepest lake on the continent. Surface is mirror-like.

15: The Savage Prairie - A wide-ranging grassland.

16: Trillium Mountain Range - Ice-covered mountains. An air current from Nymphaea makes it colder.

17: Black Rose Mountain Range - A range of countless, large mountains. Never sees sunlight and consistently dark grey year-round.

18: The Temple - Home of a legendary Digimon.

19: Territory of Valneva - Northernmost Territory of Celosia and the coldest. Ruled by tsars and tsaristas.

20: Territory of Valencia - Easternmost Territory of Celosia and closest to the forest. The most densely populated territory.

21: Territory of Elphierr - Southernmost Territory of Celosia and the hottest.

22: Territory of Cherifia - Southeasternmost Territory of Celosia. Home to many Machine Digimon and Human mechanics.

23: Territory of Shendu - Northeasternmost Territory of Celosia. Home to the King's Spear Shrine, which purifies the saltwater of the ocean to a pure water river.

24: Acacia - Capital City of Shendu Territory.

25: Adonis River - Long river originating from the ocean.

X: The Sunken City - What could have possibly caused it to sink to the bottom of the ocean?

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