Level Ultimate
Prior forms PrehistoricGreymon
Next forms RelicGreymon
Partners Matthew

ArchaicGreymon is a large Dragon-type digimon whose name and design are derived from "archaic Greymon". As the embodiment of Determination, he won't ever surrender no matter the circumstances. When he finds himself in a tough situation, he will always try every option even if there is a small chance of it working. He is large as a MetalGreymon and holds immense power. Unlike other Greymon-species digimon, this particular member lacks the big side horns on his skull helmet. However, this doesn't change his battle style. With two large gray wings, ArchaicGreymon is able to rival AeroVeedramon in an aerial fight using ranged fire attacks and short-ranged fighting techniques. He is not a digimon to be taken lightly, as his opponents quickly figure out. Blue rings appear on his nose horn, both small side horns, biceps, and tail. Blue marks appear on the side of his skull helmet, as well as wrapping most of the way around his thighs. The markings on his right wing and tail appear similar to bricks from ancient ruins. The Crest of Determination appears on his chest.

First Appearance

After Matthew forced PrehistoricGreymon to dark digivolve into ShadowGreymon, he was afraid to let his digimon reach his natural Ultimate level. During battles, he would only let PrimitiveAgumon digivolve to Champion or armor digivolve to WarriorGreymon. It wasn't until several battles later againstSetDarakumon that Brittani finally convinced him that he needed to get past his fear and help HelioHakumon. Matthew's determination to overcome the fear of failure and to protect his friends caused his Crest to glow properly for the first time. PrehistoricGreymon digivolved into his true Ultimate form, ArchaicGreymon, and was able to force SetDarakumon to retreat. After the battle, ArchaicGreymon reverted to AncientKoromon and celebrated his new digivolution with Matthew, Brittani, and Haku.

ArchaicGreymon is PrimitiveAgumon's preferred form for fighting until he gains the ability to reach his Mega level.


Burst Blaze- shoots a high-speed ball of fire toward the opponent

Dragon Blaster- ArchaicGreymon's body erupts in flames, which then take the form of a dragon and leave toward the opponent

Burning Punch- ArchaicGreymon ignites his left hand and punches the opponent