Arclimon Finale Mode
(??? Malifimon Dragon Mode)
Arclimon Finale Mode
Title Grand Finale Finish
Level Super Ultimate
Type Dragon Lich
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Dark Area
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Arclimon

Arclimon Finale Mode is a dragon lich Digimon based off the Dragon form of Maleficent. After looking into potential voice actors for certain Bursting Cries Digimon, one of Arclimon's potential voice actors caused the Crest of Inspiration to digivolve Arclimon into a monstrous dragon form. Her power can only be witnessed on the rarest of occasions, and whenever she demonstrates her full power, she is very deadly. This power is risky to use, however, as the only buff she gets is being Super Ultimate level now, so she has all the normal weaknesses of an Arclimon. Her scarf forms into her wings, but how she can fly with those tiny wings is a mystery, especially given her very bulky body and heavy weight in this form.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

If Arclimon is faced last, and depending on how you defeat her, she will digivolve into this form and continue the boss battle, with a higher HP stat at that. The only notable changes in stats are HP when compared to Arclimon (Though other stats get minor increases), and if this rare chance occurs she is the first Super Ultimate you'll face instead of Argendramon or Giganodramon depending on the version. Status effects, still the only way to harm her at first, will increase her attack's damage. In this form she becomes vulnerable to Anti-Dramon weapons, even though she isn't directly a Dramon Digimon. She digivolves from Arclimon with the DigiEgg of Inspiration and 10,000 Dragon Exp.