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Aria is an 11 year old girl that appears in Fan:Digimon Protectors. She goes to Henderson Middle School in Naomi Falls, California. She is in class 9E. She was on her computer when a YukimiBotamon came out of her computer along with a pink D-Activater. Her older sister Cali was kidnapped by a Beelzemon thinking that she was the one that held the power to open portals to other dimensions.Her mother died after she was born and her father is a scientist that is working on a gate to another world. She is the only human that can read DigiCode. She has a crush on Tony Hamilton. YukimiBotamon digivolved to Nyaromon before the DigiDestined went to the Digital World. When a Meramon was going to attack Tony, Aria pushed him out of the way and due to this Nyaromon digivolved to Salamon then to Gatomon.

YukimiBotamon t

YukimiBotamon is Aria's cute and funny digi BFF

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