Level Mega
Type Demon Man.
Attribute Data.
Family Unknown
Dark Area.
Prior forms Cataclymon + Omon.
Next forms Runicmon
Partners N/A

For a long, long time Cataclymon roamed the Digital World, watching as groups arose to fight among one another. It eventually realized that, even without his mere existence threatening to destroy things, these other digital lifeforms had grown too powerful and out of control. It sought out one that might be capable of ending these threats, but none appeared strong enough.

Eventually it found itself crossing paths with a blind, heavily armored figure, guided by its staff. The figure stopped and seemingly stared at Cataclymon for close to ten minutes before forcing a DNA digivolution between the two of them.

The newly born Arithmimon that formed knew his purpose in this life. He knew how he could put an end to the warring between all of these new, powerful digital lifeforms. He would have to take back in the power he had been robbed of as Cataclymon.

The abilities of Arithmimon allow him to set up a field surrounding any location and calculate the possibilities that must be taken to complete the goal he has in mind for it, however, the more digimon there are within this location, the greater the calculations must become, taking him longer to surmise what must be done to complete his goal. The more digimon there are the more the odds of his success dwindle as well, and eventually if their are too many, he will be rendered unconscious trying to formulate the odds, ever more doing his calculations subconsciously until enough time has passed that all odds are considered and dealt with.



A semi-bestial figure, face hidden beneath a chrome digizoid wolf mask. Beneath it his face lacks any flesh, fur, or muscle, though the bone is covered with chrome digizoid to protect it. The crest of fate is engraved into the left side of his muzzle.

A black digizoid cloak, hood, and cape hide his body from sight otherwise, yet beneath he retains some of the fur of Cataclymon, which has hardened and become more armor-like than it was originally. The fur has becomes more condensed around the chest, wrists, thighs, and on his back ranging up to the neck. Only chrome digizoid coats his bones and organs, protecting them. Four inch long sickle-like talons emerge from the fingernails. Engraved into the bones in each hand are runes for fate, chance, possibilities, and calculations. More of the talons on his hands are replicated on his feet, though they reach up to six inches.


  • Possibility Read : Sets up a field around a location and undergoes a semi-trance as all results that can occur within the field are calculated.
  • Chance Adjustment : Having calculated all possibilities Arithmimon begins eliminating those responsible for creating the dead-end results, narrowing the field down to a certain digimon and continuing to do so until the digimon is crushed into data fragments.