Level Ultimate
Type Robot
Attribute Vaccine
Family Machine Empire, Virus Busters
Prior forms Sentrymon
Next forms MarkChiefmon
Partners Zac Techika

Arsenalmon is a robotic digimon based off of the word arsenal. For an ultimate level digimon, it packs a punch of power in firearms and weapons that would be equal to MetalGarurumon and MegaGargomon, though its only weapons are tons of turrets and mini guns.

Like Sirenimon and Desperomon, it serves as the young adult form of Dronomon's digivolution path. It's loaded with many turrets and min-guns, concealed within its back, arms, torso, and legs. Again, like Sentrymon, it has not retained some its previous abilties, and no longer needs to get close to the enemy to case damae, as it's body sevres like a mobile weapon.


  • Bullet Storm
  • Full Asualt
  • Flyer's Doom
  • Shut Up'n Dance
  • Bullet Hurricane: A more powerful form of Bullet Storm
  • Bullet Malestrom: An even more powerful form of Bullet Storm