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Arukenimon is a Digimon character in « Digimon : The Golden Digivice ».


Arukenimon is an Ultimate Digimon. She is selfish and superficial, and she will only move the little finger in case of emergency. She is a good friend of LadyDevimon and Witchmon. Her mother is the Arukenimon which attacked the DigiDestined and was overcome by Kyubimon, Leomon and Dinohyumon.


  • Spider Thread: Chops up the opponent with razor-sharp wires.
  • Predation Spider: Attacks the opponent with the countless carnivorous Dokugumon hidden in its abdomen.
  • Acid Mist: Sprays green acid from its mouth.

Other Form

Arukenimon can take severals forms, but she usually stands at her Ultimate form.


KoDokugumon t


KoDokugumon is Arukenimon's Fresh form. She was at this level when Liz found her.

Dokugumon t


Dokugumon is Arukenimon's Champion form. She is less intelligent than Arukenimon.


  • Poison Cobweb: Fires a poisonous blast from its mouth.
  • Poison Thread: Shoots a web from its spinnerets.


Parasimon t


Parasimon is Arukenimon's Mega form. She can't talk but her knowledge exceeds the understanding.


  • Electric Bind: Binds the opponent with its elongated tentacles and unleashes an intense electric shock.

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