(暗殺者モン Ansatsumon)
Level Mega
Type Demon Man
Attribute Virus
Prior forms Baalmon

Assassimon (暗殺者月: Ansatsumon) is a Demon Man Digimon. It's face cannot be seen under it's hood, nor it's body over it cloak. It is known as the ultimate killing Digimon. It carries the Sairento Kage Sword under his cloak, only he knows what it looks like because it attacks so fast that it becomes invisible to even the keenest eye. It wont kill unless it's getting payed something in return. You can't see it's hands because it's attacks are to fast. It is nearly invisible when running. It's name in both English and Japanese are from the language's word for "Assassin".


D-Power 2.0

In D-Power 2.0, Assassimon is one of the Digimon Leaders under the evil curse, as well as being Beelzemon's brother. He occasionally turns up to help them in tough battles. Assassimon is killed in the battle against Argomon after sacrificing himself to save his brother.


  • Silent Killing; attacks it's target as fast as possible.
  • Sword from the Shadows; uses his sword quickly and unoticably to harm it's foes.
  • Stealth Runner; turns into a blur because of running so fast.
  • Unexpected Ariel; Jumps down and attacks it's target from a high point when they least expect it.