(三人間モン Sanningenmon)
Level Child
Type Human
Attribute Variable
Family Unknown
Next forms Aes Sedaimon, Aiomon w/S Spirit of Meditation, Any Adult level.

Atani is short for Atanatári, from the Tolkien legendarium.


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General Information

Of all the Digimon to come into existence throughout the various dimensions, there is but one species that closely resembles human kind so much as to bear their name in its origins. Atanimon are said to be the realization of human souls transcribed into a digital format upon death in the real world, where the barriers are thinnest. Rather than face judgment or reincarnation therein, they flee toward a new world and a new chance of rebirth away from the constraints they had known while alive, and so come into being across the Digital World by chance.

The freedom of imagination carried by these souls have the power to become anything at all in the immediate moments after coming to be, but as soon as their new flesh and blood settles down that unmitigated strength is exchanged for a vast life and prodigy-like prowess with whatsoever they take to thereafter, and so good souls may seek out good arts and actions, while dark souls encourage new viruses and harbor only chaos in their wake.

The myriad natural forces in the digital world have made tentative plays to control the Atanimon since their first realization in the not-so-distant past, and so it is that the eventual evolution into Aes Sedaimon came to be for all but a handful.


Despite the differences between the different Atanimon, many choose to congregate together among other like-minded individuals. It is this which helped the Dark Area and Nightmare Soldiers to claim the darker souls and realize that evil, harnessing it, down the road, while the neutral avoided all that they could.

It is said that a select few of the good souls were chosen to be touched by the Maiamon to counteract that end-result, creating LewsTherimon and his selective allies in the War of Power decades afterward to confront the worst of the eventual Forsaken.


  • Einbildung Wunsch(Imagination Wish/Vanity Desire): A potent realization of their ideals and desires held onto in a select handful of Atanimon after the spirit manifested into the current flesh and blood body. It grants whatsoever they will into being within a limited field about their being, even reducing Perfect and Ultimate level foes into Child level threats so long as that foe is within the area of effect. It can even be utilized to self-evolve without an external power source, as most species still require.
  • Rein Strom(True Power): An extension of Einbildung Wunsch above.
  • Können Kunst(Proficiency Art): The skill by which they make a living, tending to grasp only one or two particulars and coming to refine those exceptionally.