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Attack of the No Men is the twenty-seventh episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Morgan enters the bookstore & finds the place trashed. Mira confronts Morgan in the bookstore. Mira explains that she works for the government & the No Men, & that she was just pretending to be a reporter to downplay all the rumors they were trying to dig up. Morgan tries explaining to Mira that Kurt & Mako aren't with Murmuxmon, they are fighting him, & tells her that she has to let Kurt go.

In the No Men base, Agent Phillips plays a recording through a speaker, asking Kurt the same questions over & over as he refuses to answer them.

Tom & Lauren return to the bookstore. Morgan informs them that the No Men took Kurt, & that Mira was only pretending to be a reporter. Morgan wants to hack their system to find out where Kurt is being held. So Tom calls for the "big guns." Mako & Keira enter the bookstore. Morgan informs them that Kurt was taken by the No Men. Mako & Keira leave to search for Kurt. Tom reports that help is on the way.

Back in the lair, FlameLucemon (Murmuxmon) locates Mako & Keira. FlameLucemon de-transforms to Vaic. Johnny & Vaic (Murmuxmon) head back out.

Tom's friends, Brad & Fred, enter the bookstore. Tom explains to them that they need their help to hack into a government server, & the consequences could be "dire."

Kurt wakes up & finds his cell door open & walks out of the No Men base. Kurt finds his Digi-Deck on the ground & sees a Jellyfish Mirror Monster. So Kurt picks up his Digi-Deck, transforms, & attacks the Monster. The No Men are watching & head out. Gallantmon uses Final Vent & destroys the Monster. Kurt is recaptured by the No Men.

Mako & Keira get separated, as Johnny goes after Keira while Vaic (Murmuxmon) goes after Mako. FlameLucemon from the Digital World was Mako's Mentor. Vaic (Murmuxmon) & Mako transform & fight. FlameLucemon has the ability to teleport. Sakuyamon uses "Guard Vent" (with 2,000 Guard Points) - Shield is summoned. Sakuyamon's cape then flaps, sending out an illusion of feathers that float around Justimon. Justimon goes to attack Sakuyamon, but she turns into feathers. Sakuyamon reappears & attacks him. Justimon summons Cyberdramon. Cyberdramon spits it's acid at Sakuyamon & melts her Shield, causing the feathers effect to disappear. Justimon then uses his spiraling Digi-Kick against her. Mako manages to escape Murmuxmon's wrath.

Keira & Mako return to Kurt's apartment. Kurt wakes up back in his cell.

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