Seasons of Past

Autumn of Discovery is set a month after Summer of Adventure. In it Luke meets Tommy from Digimon Frontier whilst on a Skiing Trip trying to learn to Ski.


After staying with Zoe in the Summer, Luke goes to a Skiing Resort to learn to Ski, but he isnt very good at it, he trips whilst going down a hill and falls into a cave. After getting lost inside the cave, he finds Tommy, who has been hiding from some bullies. They find their way out of the cave but then find themselves on a Tropical Island, with Digimon on it. Along the way they meet a Guilmon, which is when the Digivice from Summer of Adventure comes back to Luke. Guilmon is hiding from a Toucanmon who, with 2 Hawkmon, are trying to kill him for eating their fish. Luke suggests he Digivolve, but Guilmon is too weak, so Tommy says he should train. Guilmon burns a few trees and then Digivolves to Growlmon but gets knocked out by Toucanmon easily. After training more, he become Gallantmon, but to match up, Toucanmon Digivolves to Eaglemon and the Hawkmon Digivolve to Shurimon. All the Digimon are worn out until Luke's spirit increases Gallantmon's strength to change to Crimson Mode, who wipes out all of the bad Digimon. He then returns to the Digivice, which dissapears. Luke and Tommy then find themselves outside of the cave at the Ski Resort.

Characters Appearing

Prequel and Follow Up

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