Level Super Ultimate
Type Evil God
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Prior forms Cthulhumon

Azathothmon is an enormous Digimon that takes up entire corners of the Dark Area. It is the Super Ultimate form of Shoggothmon, and the last form in its line. It is a force of ancient and terrible power, so much so that during the great Human/ Beast Digimon Wars, it was sealed within a different dimension to keep it from using its powers to turn the war in favor of its agenda. There is only ever one in existence, and when it is defeated, its data disassembles and quickly finds a Cthulhumon that it can absorb and use as a host. It is interesting to note that, though it is a Super Ultimate Digimon, it is only about as powerful as an Ultimate level Digimon. Its end all plan is to bio-emerge into the real world and force humans and Digimon alike into its service as devout worshipers and slaves.


Azathothmon is the size of an aircraft carrier, with hundreds of tentacles extending from its body, covered in slimy greyish-brown skin, and one giant eye with a slit pupil and red iris. It floats a few hundred feet off the ground using its immense mental powers, which are completely sealed within its subconscious, earning it the name The Blind Idiot God. It can split into small data packets, which are debatably called by some in the field of research Azathothmon [Champion], as their size, power, and intelligence are greatly diminished, but they share the same data make-up and sentience.


  • Mind Break - Utterly shatters the sanity of the foe
  • Gorgon's Eye - Invades the mind of the foe and freezes their mind
  • Memento Mori - Shows the foe their ultimate doom and watches them suffer a mental breakdown
  • Terabyte Destroyer - Creates an explosion using its own data as the basis for the bomb
  • Bit-for-Tat - Creates a psychic field that causes the foe to feel the same pain that it causes Azathothmon


  • Azathoth is an alien being from the works of H. P. Lovecraft that is worshiped by the followers of Cthulhu