Azerimon is a Champion level Human type digimon who's name is derived from the Basque word for 'fox' - azeria. As the Guardian of Courage, she fought alongside the Legendary Warriors but was not proclaimed a Warrior due to the fact that she - along with her fellow nine Guardians - was impossible for the Celestial Angels to control.


Pale skin and emerald-green eyes. Slightly-revealing green armour that shows half of her chest and most of her stomach lined with green flowers with a light green and silver hem. Her fox-coloured hair reaches her knees and she wears knee-length silver boots. Her armour ends at her hips - much like a bathing suit - and around her waist is a silver ribbon with a symbol that greatly resembles one of the Japanese characters of courage. Has a large green flower holding back a small portion of her hair and a silver cardigan with a green hem that buttons up around her neck and reveals her shoulders. Has fox ears and a bushy tail and a piece of green material stretches over her mouth. She wields a long, silver katana which she uses for most of her physical attacks.


Fuchs Klingen: Her katana glows green and she attacks

Mutig Schwingen:Delivers an easy-to-dodge low kick and stabs opponent with her katana as they attempt to dodge

Fuchsschwanz Macht: Her tail glows green and she spins around twice (more times if more power is needed) before the energy flies off her tail in the form of a sharp blade of wind and slices through the opponent.

Mut Geist: Takes control of an opponent if two or more Guardians or Warriors are willing to lend her a portion of their power - the most effective being light and darkness. A hint that she is using her attack is that the opponent's eyes will turn green and Azerimon will be forced to remain perfectly still for the duration of the possession, leaving her open to attack.

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