(アユドンモン Ayudonmon)
Title App Monster
Level Champion
Type Unidentified Digimon
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Fan:Ayudomon
Next forms Fan:ShinkenOhAzyudramon (with Fan:Uma-Samuraimon)
Fan:GekiTohFireAzyudramon (with Fan:FireGorillamon

Azyudramon (アジュードラモン Ajūdoramon?) is the unidentified Digimon after Azyudomon feeds the vaccine, data and virus and achieves the evolution. When Ayudomon's data begins to evolve rapidly, it can gain intelligence and capable to speak humans unlike it's pre-evolved form.

  • Attacks
    • Azyudra Punch:
    • Ace Silver Kick:
    • Press Twist Slash:


Fan:Digimon Universes X: Shin Singular Rider

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