Level Rookie
Type Unkown
Attribute Data
Next forms BetaDigimon (DNA + DORUmon)


Digimon X War

In Digimon X War, BETA.mon met DORUmon and the two had to escape to the XMountain to defeat Xmon and restore peace to the New Digital World. To destroy Xmon after it had turned to Apocalypse Mode and send the 3 of them to the birth of the Digital World, the two had to DNA Digivolve to BetaDigimon.


BETA.mon is a red Dorumon.


All of BETA.mon's attacks are the first versions of the 4th to 10th Digimon. (The first 3, in order, being: Xmon, BETA.mon and DORUmon (BETA.mon and DORUmon were born at the same time)). For each move his parts assumes the shape of different Digimon's parts.


  • BETA.Pepper Breath (Gains Agumon's claws)
  • BETA.Blue Blaster (Gains Gabumon's coat)
  • BETA.Boom Bubble (Gains Patamon's Ears)
  • BETA.Electroshocker (Gains Tentomon's Arms)
  • BETA.Poison Ivy (Gains Palmon's arms)
  • BETA.Spiral Twister (Gains Biyomon's wings)
  • BETA.Hypno Eye (not BETA.Cat's Eye Hypno to avoid confusion.) (Gains Gatomon's Tail & Ring)