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Baihumon is a fictional character in the fanfictional series Digimon Mighty Squadron.


  • Kongou (金剛 "Gold Strength"): Emits a wave from its mouth which converts the opponent completely into metal, making them unable to move while their body rusts, and unable to die until they have completely rusted away.
  • Tekkousou (鉄甲爪 "Iron-armored Claws")
  • Kyokurin'o (棘輪尾 "Spine-ringed Tail")


With the creation of Baihumon, Seraphimon gives Alex Baihumon to provide the necessary backup against Tactimon's Digimon. Alex can summon & control the Digimon with his talking saber, Toraclaw.

Alex has trouble controlling the Digimon at first, but eventually gets past it. He converts Baihumon to its Warrior Mode, WhiteTigerVespamon, & fights against Darcmon, but is eventually outnumbered & forced to retreat with Baihumon. After a brief recollection, he returns with Taylor & Gallantmon, who rides on Baihumon. Baihumon DigiXrosses with the Thunder Digimon Assault Team to form WhiteTigerVespamon Emperor Mode & defeats the three Digimon easily.

When Coredramon returns, Baihumon comes up against its predecessor in a heated battle & is defeated. However, in its own battles against multiple Digimon, it comes out victorious.

When SkullSatamon comes to Earth, he prompts the DigiDestined to bring out the Thunder Digimon. However, the duel is a trap with other Digimon ambushing ThunderOmnimon & WhiteTigerVespamon. The attacks overloads the Digi-Grid & terminally damages the Digimon. Alex quickly abandons the deteriorating Digimon before it is destroyed.

Other Forms


The primary fighting form, WhiteTigerVespamon is equipped with two sword, & can fire powerful "White Tiger Thunderbolts" in the form of energy fireballs at his opponents. It also demonstrates the ability to follow Alex's every move, first used against the Digimon Darcmon. WhiteTigerVespamon will often fight alongside ThunderOmnimon in this mode.

WhiteTigerVespamon Emperor Mode

WhiteTigerVespamon is a DigiXros of WhiteTigerVespamon, Liamon, Hououmon, Unimon, & Gryphonmon. Unimon makes up the right leg, Gryphonmon makes up the left leg, Liamon forms shoulder pads & the back, & Hououmon forms a claw on WhiteTigerVespamon Emperor Mode's right arm.

During the duel with Darcmon, WhiteTigerVespamon has to retreat after the first encounter. Returning with the other Thunder Digimon, WhiteTigerVespamon DigiXrosses with them to form WhiteTigerVespamon Emperor Mode. Its primary finisher is shooting Hououmon on his wrist towards the target after igniting it with the White Tiger Thunderbolt.

WhiteTigerVespamon Emperor Mode is extremely powerful, possibly surpassing ThunderOmnimon as it handily destroys Darcmon after the latter is defeated.