Bailey Black
Digimon Dreams character
First appearance Digimon Dreams
Last appearance  ???
Created by User:Cherubimon777
Age 12
Trait Mercy
Partner Salamon

Bailey Black is a fictional main character in a fanfic by User:Cherubimon777.

Digimon Dreams


Bailey's partner is Phascomon.

In-Training: Nyaromon
Rookie: Salamon
Champion: Gatomon
Ultimate: Angewomon (with Rainbow Crystal)
Mega: Ophanimon ( Biomerge Digivolve with Bailey)

Digivolution Line

Nyaromon -> Salamon

First appereance: ???

Salamon -> Gatomon

First appereance: ???

Gatomon (Crystal Digivolve) -> Angewomon

First appereance: ???

Salamon (Biomerge) -> Ophanimon

First appereance: ???

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